Lets get physical.....(insert high pitched voice and bad dance moves) PHYSICALLLLLL

Lets be honest. Intimate, half naked couples photos aren’t for everyone. But my god are they beautiful.

I don’t necessarily think every photographer wants to shoot them either. Maybe it takes a special kind of weirdo to be able to direct and make you comfortable enough to roll around your bed with you! I always have wanted to do one of these sessions, and now that I have I want to shoot more and more and more.

It was a dream. Really.

I couldn't have had a better couple to let me break into this sort of session with. My good friend Andrew is a talented local photographer as well and his gf Joslyn is ridiculously stunning. We laughed. We drank. And we spent hours just capturing their love. The freedom I had with them to try different poses and see what worked and what was awkward AF made the day so inspiring for me!

So first ever intimate couples session in the books! I NEED to do more of these! Who wants to be my next models???