Apparently I'm supposed to be blogging....

I’m honestly terrible at blogging. For real, I’d much rather be out shooting than sitting in front of my computer typing and trying to figure out how to generate more shoots! But apparently thats an important step in this business. Sooooo, here’s my first attempt at showing you all a little more from my sessions.

I found it fitting that the first blog post I manage to muster up is my actual family. My cousin Kayli and her husband Steven got married in their parents backyard in an intimate ceremony in May. No photographer, and very limited friends and family. So when she asked me if I would do a little bridal session with the two of them I jumped at the chance get them in front of my camera.

We have this amazing local farm called Fry Family Farm who recently opened the sweetest farm stand and she went out the morning of the session and threw together this bouquet. (Pretty sure she missed her calling!) Then I drove them to my favorite rest stop hahahaha! But for real. This happens to be at a rest stop in the mountains near our home in Southern Oregon.

I can’t stress enough that if you get the chance, put your dress back on, book me (or anyone else you follow and adore!), and go spend a day getting those epic couples photos you might not have had the time to get on the day of your wedding. Things get busy. There’s timelines and guests and an endless amount of stress or craziness. And while weddings are beautiful and special, getting the time to just enjoy your spouse and get dolled up again will bring back all of those feels.

I don’t have all the answers with things wedding related, but I have some pretty damn good advice! I’ll be sharing my thoughts on photography and life in general as I go and I hope it can help along the way!